Car service TOP TRUCK "Z T Y"

Is the official service center for servicing Ford Cargo trucks


"ZTY" is a modern truck service equipped with a set of technical and diagnostic tools and technologies that allow you to quickly and at a high technical level to identify and eliminate faults and breakdowns, repair trucks and trailers using the latest technologies and equipment.


List of works performed:

- repair and adjustment of engines of American and European production Cummins 11,14,15, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, MACK, Volvo, MAN, RENAULT, SCANIA, ERF, DAF, MERCEDES, FODEN, gearbox, water pumps, pneumatic couplings, power steering, TO- 1, TO-2;

- repair of the fuel system, pump injectors Cummins 11,14,15, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Volvo;

- computer diagnostics with the JalTest multibrand scanner of European and American trucks, buses and commercial vehicles, flashing (firmware) of control units, repair of starters, generators, repair and maintenance of power grids (wiring), starting-charging circuits;

- installation of an ionizer-activator of oxygen in the air;

- pressure testing of air ducts, intercooler, turbine;

- installation of hydraulics, autonomous heating, dump systems;

- undercarriage repair, brake pad riveting, turning and welding works.



Director - Kaptsov Eduard

  tel.: +38 050-334-06-38


Service center: +38 050 492 7588, +38 050 492 7488

Car shop, new spare parts: +38 050 492 1296, +38 097 875 0401

Used spare parts: +38 050 492 1298

Auto sales: +38 050 939 2032


Address: Krupskoy st. 2-B., P. New Valley, Ovidiopol district, Odessa region.,

GPS 46.400601, 30.590600


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