How to become a participant of the network:

Before making the decision to join the TOP TRUCK network, one should understand:

    1. What is the TOP TRUCK network, who is its organizer and participants, why was it created?

    2.  What advantages does the TOP TRUCK network give to its participants?

    3. Does my workshop comply with the minimum requirements to the applicants?

    4. What is my role as the network participant and what is the role of the network organizer?

Answers for these questions you will find in the section About the TOP TRUCK network.


If you decided to join the TOP TRUCK network, then you should:

    - Fill in the Applicant's Questionnaire and send it to the contact person of GROUPAUTO UKRAINE, if your workshop complies with the minimum requirements to the applicant.

    - Together with the specialists of GROUPAUTO UKRAINE, conduct the applicant’s audit at your workshop. That is to find out, how much your workshop complies with the requirements to the workshop-applicant.

    - Make the list of Measures based on the results of the audit for compliance of workshop with the minimum requirements and include them into the agreement.

    - Conclude with GROUPAUTO UKRAINE the Agreement about cooperation within the TOP TRUCK network.

    - Begin cooperation with GROUPAUTO UKRAINE.


GROUPAUTO UKRAINE ---------------- тел / tel: (056) 790 0 700 ----------------- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.