The main concept for creating of the workshops network TOP TRUCK is the logic of cooperation of manufacturers/sellers of auto parts with the consumers of these parts – workshops. The main idea in this concept is selling spare parts for trucks. Knowing that well-organized and well-equipped workshop that has technical information and trained personnel, consumes two- or even three times more spare parts than unorganized one, we can conclude that increasing of parts sales is directly dependent on solving the problems of how to make existing workshops comply with the standards of successfully operating ones. 



GAI (GROUPAUTO INTERNATIONAL), the founder of the TOP TRUCK network in Europe, authorized its participant GROUPAUTO UKRAINE to become the organizer of such network in Ukraine. The Ukrainian TOP TRUCK network operates under the same brand name as the European one, that is why it is recognizable on the whole territory which it covers in Europe as well as in Ukraine.


GROUPAUTO UKRAINE develops for the participants of the Ukrainian network single standards (requirements), with which workshops must comply and under which they must operate. To such standards belong:


- the rules of organizing and managing of business process at workshop;


- using up-to-date software and office equipment;


- availability of all the equipment and special instruments necessary for providing services;



- system of upgrade of qualification with obligatory training;


- motivation of all the categories of workshop workers, depending on the final result and worker’s qualification;


- single visualization, etc.


Working in accordance with the economically justified Standards and Rules of Business at workshops will definitely lead to the growth of their profitability. Therefore, the workshops that are part of the TOP TRUCK network, must be well-organized, and work with high culture and perfect quality.


The organizer of the network – GROUPAUTO UKRAINE, through the TOP TRUCK Department and Sales Department, organizes cooperation within the network in six directions. The main goal of such cooperation is to help workshops to reach the level of the standards. Thus created network reduces the expenses of every participant on purchasing technical information, software, equipment and instruments; personnel training; advertising; creating and maintaining of own website and other jointly organized events.




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